Silicon Valley homes replacing lawns with California Native Succulents

Yesterday, 03.24.2015, San Jose Mercury News writer Eric Kurhi reported that the Santa Clara Valley Water District is proposing reducing water use by 30 percent and limited watering of lawns to twice a week.

Though Gov. Jerry Brown announced new conservation rules last week to help cope with the four-year dry spell, the water district’s latest push is more of a reaction to a new analysis that showed above-average seasonal rains haven’t done much to bolster Silicon Valley’s groundwater reserves.

Courtesy Sunset Magazine - Water Wise Garden

Courtesy Sunset Magazine – Water Wise Garden

Many homeowners are coping by letting their lawns die and replacing the landscaping with succulents and water-wise California native plants. Consider lawn alternatives, such as hardy ground covers, decks, patios, containers, ornamental grasses or cut-flower gardens.

Water-wise gardens focus on plant varieties that thrive with little water. No plant is “wrong” in a water-wise garden—it just needs to be in the right zone to use water most efficiently. You can select desert plants, Mediterranean varieties, herbs and perennials from around the world, or native plants.

Group plants that correspond to appropriate zones in your garden that share similar water, sun and soil needs. Native plants such as California Poppy and California Morning Glory, established trees and plants requires little, if any, additional water during summer months

CLICK HERE for an informative 20-page Santa Clara Valley Water District Rules of Thumb for Water-Wise Gardening  Guide.

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