“Jeni is outstanding. She helped us not only to source our Eichler home, but she was massive support to get the deal done for a very fair price, and making sure that our interests had always been fully covered and protected. She is very quick, fast paced and still extremely detail oriented – representing truly the Silicon Valley culture. She knows not only her market inside out (and much better than other realtors we had before), but she has really good knowledge about Green Energy and Eichler houses as well. I have recommended her to two friends in the meantime, and both have been very happy too.” – Matthias Steffens

My family invest heavily in real estate so we have worked with many realtors of all different personalities and competency levels. Jeni is on the TOP of our list. She has the perfect combination of a winning personality, professionalism, smarts, patience, ability to see the big picture yet focus on the details, organization, the perfect balance of not being too pushy yet offering relevant advice… my list of compliments can go on forever. We live in Texas and we were selling a house in the San Jose area and thought it was going to be a difficult process because there are tenants and legal issues involved. Jeni patiently assisted as much as she could in the process of evicting the tenants and was always available to talk to me on the phone. That was very important since we were managing everything from out of state. After the eviction we had to heavily renovate the house. I thought I would have to fly out to CA. But Jeni was able to handle everything for us without me ever having to travel to San Jose. We successfully remodeled the entire house from head to toe, inside to out, all thanks to Jeni. She was an excellent negotiator. When trying to guide us through the remodeling process, she checked multiple sources and offered many options and price point so we could be confident in what we choose. She later assisted in staging the house and making every part of this process smooth and easy. We really couldn’t have done it without Jeni. The house ended up selling for much more than we could have ever imagined. I highly recommend Jeni Pfeiffer. – Cassandra C.

“Jeni sold for me a unique house for more than I expected and in record time. She also went above and beyond marketing the house and helping me get it ready to sell. I highly recommend her and would definitely use her again.”  – Barry

With have worked closely with Jeni to buy and sell properties in the Silicon Valley. If you are looking for the absolute “best” realtor, Jeni is the complete package. She is a poised professional with all of the necessary skills to locate the properties you are looking for. Jeni is a great listener and understands exactly what you want, what you need and what you are willing to negotiate to purchase your dream home. She is very competent, extremely organized, hard-working and persistent. Her tenacity, patience and attention to details are well above the mark. Jeni is not only ‘our’ realtor, we consider her family and a close friend, a rare treasure. We have recommended her to many friends and family. With Jeni by your side, buying and selling property is an energetic, positive and successful experience. – Jessie K.

“Jeni came to us highly recommended by a previous client of hers. First, she helped us understand the state of the market and set our expectations on what would be possible to purchase within our range. Then she went above and beyond to help us a find a place that would work for us. We looked at a large variety of properties with Jeni and she was always very supportive and in tune with our needs. When we had a calendar conflict during a lottery for new townhomes, Jeni even attended on our behalf! Finally, through her strong relationships with builders and sellers, she was able to secure us a new townhome that was falling out of contract. There were several interested parties so Jeni actually drove to my work to pick me up so we could beat the other interested parties to the property.

Jeni’s excellent service didn’t end there. Once we were under contract, Jeni was constantly advocating on our behalf, reading through the documentation and finding opportunities for credits that the builder had not shared. She is not afraid to go to war for her clients. On several instances, she needed to send some emails either to remind the mortgage specialists of their responsibilities, or to request documentation we had the right to review, and she did this with great clarity, referencing the appropriate legal documents as required. It was like having a realtor-lawyer combination. We recommend Jeni to anyone we know who is looking to buy or sell.” ~ Shahyan and Kinza

“I recommend Jeni as an honest, hard working, dedicated, knowledgeable and meticulous professional. She was easy to work with, punctual and patient enough to work under the terms and conditions that I required.” – Juan Conchas

“Thank you again for your hard work and support throughout this process!  You have truly been the rock that we have been able to lean on since day one and were able to fight for us as if we were your own. We can’t say thank you enough.” –  K Shakeel

“Jeni is extraordinary and we will recommend her to anyone who needs a real estate agent in the future.  Before starting this process, Todd and I never knew how many roles real estate agents played and how vital all of them are to the process.  We learned through all the hills and valleys, that a real estate agent needs to be a good counselor, negotiator, researcher, accountant, secretary (organizational skills) etc. etc.  Jeni is so gifted in all of these areas.  She is so professional (always focused on others, never herself).  She is always poised, centered and focused.  She is incredibly classy, hardworking, kind (earns the trust of others quickly), persistent, very organized, intent and caring listener (listens with her heart so she doesn’t forget anything), encouraging, has integrity, and the list goes on and on…………… we wish we could do more to show Jeni how much we appreciate her.  Without her, we never would have been able to purchase our dream home.  Thank you for choosing such an awesome (the best there is) Intero agent.  We are so thankful to have had her on our team.”      ~ Todd and Heidi Dagman

“I very seldom write letters, and even less seldom do a write a letter of this nature, but I feel compelled to write to you and thank you for the incredible performance you put in selling our home this month. In a market which has reached historical lows, and with renters in the house, you managed to market our home find a buyer and close the deal all within a few short weeks and for tens of thousands more than we expected or even dared hope. Working with someone over long distance on any business deal and not being able to meet in person is always challenging, but our trust in you was well placed. You have conducted yourself exemplary, not for a single moment has any doubt crept into our minds. Your integrity is beyond reproach. The fact that you were able to find multiple buyers and juggle all the complexities of selling a home with incumbent lease holders speaks volumes about your skill and ability in this market. Well done, you should be extremely proud of your accomplishment. You have helped our family achieve an important goal and for that we will always be grateful.” – Andy and Maria Patrick

“Buying our dream home in Santa Cruz would not have been possible without Jeni Pfeiffer. Throughout the entire process Jeni was proactive, positive, and always one-step ahead of where we needed to be! Our home purchase had some complications along the way, and Jeni not only stepped up to the challenges, but actually steered us through some very difficult situations. When the unthinkable happened, and our initial financing fell through–after our offer was accepted – Jeni immediately connected us with her firm’s loan broker Tony Guaraldi, and we were back on track! You can trust that Jeni and her team will work diligently through all stages of a real estate transaction. Jeni is one gem of a realtor! And will work with you and for you to make buying that property a dream come true.” – Jean McIntosh

“Jeni is a sheer professional. Mrs Personality with the sweetest heart. She is down to business to get you the most money on your property….And she does! I know two of her clients and they made over 10-15% above market asking price. I enjoyed every transaction I have had the pleasure to exchange with her. If you’re looking to sell your home…Jeni is a great choice!” – Yvette Thoma

“Thanks again for helping us with our file, another Great Job. You truly are the best at what you do! We will keep this info on hand for tax time. We really know the best Agent around and we can’t stop telling people how helpful it was to have you assisting us.!”  – C. & F. Sanchez

One thousand “Thank  You’s” would not be nearly enough for the heartfelt gratitude for your enthusiasm, passion and effort getting us into our new home …our sincere appreciation” – Mary Spani and Jesse Kirklan

“I wanted to write to both of you to express my appreciation for the amazing service Jeni provided to a mutual client of ours. The type of property our client wanted was quite unique and required dozens of trips throughout the backwoods of Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties over many months.  Ultimately, he found his dream home through Jeni and even that property was loaded with challenges, including a very uncooperative seller who had 5 different mortgages on the property and was in essence being forced to sell his home by his many lenders. Jeni exhibited care, patience and professionalism well beyond the highest of expectations and created a customer for life a definite referral partner in me.  She is a great agent and you have a lot to be proud of to have her as part of your office.” – Dan Stevens, Private Mortgage Banker, Wells Fargo

“Real understanding of my needs as a home buyer, readiness at any time for immediate action while alternatively knowing when it’s better to wait, exceptional communication skills in collaboration with lenders and other officials, and persistence in requiring improvements from the sellers of the targeted home. Wonderful results!”  – Vlad Polyakav

“I feel Jeni gave 110% and got the best price possible.” –  W. Machado

“Jeni did a fantastic job. She was instrumental in getting us our dream house. She was always a step ahead and went the extra mile.” –  J. Berkeley

“It is an advantage to know someone who has an honest pulse on the market . . . “  – Gail Roberts

“High professionalism, you always see the glass as half-full . . .” – Barbara Bowers

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeni over the past 6 years. Coming from the title and escrow side of the industry, I work closely with many real estate agents. I get to know their business and how they run it. Jeni is one of the most professional agents I have ever worked with! Her passion for her job and her clients is evident through the care and attention to detail she displays from the beginning of a transaction to close of escrow. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell!” – Christine D’Onofrio

“Jeni is an expert in short sale transactions and the Sunnyvale real estate market. She gives total attention to her clients, be they buyers or sellers, and always negotiates for the best price. If you are buying or selling real estate in Sunnyvale, go to Jeni – she’s the best!” ~Tony Lacy-Thompson

“Jeni handles every project in a careful, conscientious way with a laser-like focus on the clients’ goals. ‘Results’ are her mantra.” – Patrick Meyering

“Larry and I wanted to first thank you for all the effort you put into selling the house . . .  “  – Larry and Linda Spencer

“Flawless transaction.  . . “  – Steve Anchell

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