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Happy Earth Day 2016! Start a Compost Pile for your garden

Start a Compost Pile, Courtesy Jeanne Huber

Instead of having your food waste, plant debris, and fallen leaves hauled to the dump, why not turn them into compost? The dark, rich organic matter helps garden and landscape plants grow bigger and more beautiful. Plus, it saves you money and time by reducing your water, fertilizer, and even weeding needs, since a few inches of compost laid like mulch will prevent most weeds from sprouting.

Start a Compost Pile. Photography Jeni Pfeiffer

Start a Compost Pile. Photography Jeni Pfeiffer

Making backyard compost even has a civic benefit because it saves landfill space, helping to keep garbage-processing costs lower for you and your neighbors. You can make compost without spending a penny, or you can buy simple equipment that looks tidier and speeds up the transformation process. Whichever approach you take, you’ll need to understand a few key principles of composting. Continue reading